It’s easy to relax here, on the deck or in a hammock with a book from the multi-language library, inside with a game of pool, or grab a towel and sunscreen and head down to the beach for a swim or a snooze. There is no better way to experience the beauty and tranquility of the Laguna than a paddle around the lake in one of our free kayaks, especially in the early morning to watch the sun come up. Walk the path in either direction for a look at life in the community. If you’re up for a short hike, we can show you the way to the nearby town of Caterina, with its marvelous Mirador, a lookout over the entire Laguna.

Immerse yourself in Nicaraguan culture with a Spanish class or two. We offer Spanish classes by the hour, or try our weeklong immersion program. Buen suerte!



Our on-site dive center, Volcano Divers offers all PADI programs from introduction dives, Open Water courses and all the way up to PADI Dive Master. Scuba diving in the Laguna de Apoyo is a unique experience. Swimming along the volcanic slopes, feeling the draw of the depth and holding your hands over thermal vents – all while being surrounded by fish you will see in no other place on earth.

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